District 13

District 13 stays on the bright side of German synthpop. DISTRICT 13 is currently Alex Erbacher (music, lyrics & vocals) from Aschaffenburg, Germany. Some people compare his music style to Wolfsheim, others to VNV Nation... but, as a matter of fact, he have his own unmistakable style, gathering futurepop fans and fans of the 80s Synthpop from around the world. In early 2017 he signed a contract as DISTRICT 13 with the label KL-Dark Records. He also worked with many other fantastic music projects, such as Schwarzschild, Outsized, Arctic Sunrise, Neocoma, evo-lution, Infernosounds, Van Adrian, Black.Virus and reADJUST, just to name a few, complete the music portfolio of DISTRICT 13. The third studio album of District 13, called 'Life in chains', is the intersection of danceable electronic beats and hymnic-quiet ballads. The songs combine great feelings and life-telling thoughts with the vocabulary of the 80s SynthPop.